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What's New (02/11/2018)

Upcoming Events

  • Sat Nov 3
    • 8:00AM, Martyrs Acepsimas, Joseph, Aeithalas - English Liturgy
    • 4:00PM, Vespers
  • Sun Nov 4
    • 8:00AM, 5th Sunday of Luke - Matins & Divine Liturgy
  • Thu Nov 8
    • 7:30AM, Synaxis of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel - Divine Liturgy
    • 6:30PM, Eve of St Nectarios the Wonderworker of Aegina - Vespers (Combined Service at Church of St Nectarios)
  • Fri Nov 9
    • 8:00AM, Nectarios the Wonderworker of Aegina - Divine Liturgy (Combined Service at Church of St Nectarios)
    • 9:30AM, Supplicatory Canon to the Theotokos
  • Sat Nov 10
    • 8:00AM, St Arsenius of Cappadocia - English Liturgy
    • 4:00PM, Vespers


Sunday Epistle & Gospel Explanations
5th Sunday of Luke (04/11/2018)

Epistle: Ephesians 2:4-10

Gospel: Luke 16:19-31

Click here to download this week's readings and explanations.


Saint Nektarios Feast Day - 9 Nov

The following services have been organised for the feast day of Saint Nektarios. All clergy will be in attendance at the Church of Saint Nektarios in Dianella. Everyone is invited to join us in the celebrations.

  • Thu Nov 8
    • 6:30PM, Vespers
  • Fri Nov 9
    • 8:00AM, Matins and Divine Liturgy
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