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Thursday, 07 September 2017 23:07

Same Sex 'Marriage' Talk - Sep 15, 7pm

Monday, 04 September 2017 22:14

WAMGLTA Memberships

WAMGLTA Membership Flyer

Monday, 04 September 2017 22:00

Protecting the Sanctity of Mariage

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Thursday, 24 August 2017 07:03

Vote No!

Postal Brochure - Page 1

Postal Brochure - Page 2

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017 18:27

13 Years of Great Results!

As the Centre for the Greek Language (CGL) completes 13 years of existence in WA, it is fair to say that there is no ‘bad luck’ attached to this number where the examination results are concerned! This year, 6 different levels were attempted by the candidates; from the easiest, being Level A1 (for children 8-12), to the hardest, being Level C1. Furthermore, all of the candidates who sat for Level C1, the second most challenging level on offer in these examinations, succeeded! Hopefully they will all go on to sit Level C2 in 2018; the highest level on offer in the CGL examinations.

The grades that can be achieved for passing all four sections of each of the examinations (or all five sections if Level B2 and beyond) are ‘Excellent’, ‘Very Good’ and ‘Good’. Our successful candidates this year achieved a grade of ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’.

Below is the list of successful candidates for 2017:

Level A1 (for children 8-12)

  • STERGIOU Filippos Polykarpos
  • SIAMIS Eftihia

Level A1 (for adolescents and adults)

  • REISIS Apollonas

Level A2

  • PANAGODIMOS Anastasia-Christina

Level B1

  • MICHAEL Vanessa

Level B2

  • SARANTELLOU Maria-Eleni

Level C1

  • GILE Constantina-Ioanna
  • KARAMINTZAS Anastasios
  • KONTORINIS Harikleia
  • TSIOUTSIAS Constantina
  • PASCHALIDOU Athina-Anna

On behalf of the CGL Committee (Mr Pavlos Iosifidis, Mrs Katerina Reklitis, Ms Evridiki Politi, and Mrs Eva Tsapazi), I congratulate the above-listed candidates, their families, and their Greek language teachers! Well done to all!

The CGL Examination dates for next year are listed below:

Level A1 (for children 8-12) Tuesday 8 May 2018
Level A1 (for adolescents and adults) Tuesday 8 May 2018
Level A2 Tuesday 8 May 2018
Level B1 Tuesday 8 May 2018
Level B2 Wednesday 9 May 2018
Level C1 Wednesday 9 May 2018
Level C2 Thursday 10 May 2018


We look toward a promising 14th year of CGL Examinations in WA!


Dr Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis
Director of the CGL at St. Andrew’s Grammar (61002)
July 2017

Sunday, 16 July 2017 20:57

A Data Sample from 2016 ABS Census

The recent publication of 2016 census data by the ABS has produced some interesting statistics. Here’s some figures that members may find worth pondering.

Year Males Females Total
2016 1,136 1,173 2,309
2011 1,321 1,331 2,652
2006 1,502 1,523 3,025

At the 2016 Census 15,107 persons identified as having “Greek” ancestry and 23,711 gave Eastern Orthodoxy (Greek, Russian, Serbian, etc) as their religious affiliation. The number of people in Western Australia who identified as speaking Greek at home to some level was 4,790.

For those interested, the census can provide more detailed information about communities or regions.
For example: In 2016 there were 3,452 individuals with Greek ancestry in the local government area of Stirling. Greece born persons living in the City of Stirling at the time numbered 867. (Over a quarter of the state’s Greece born population is found in this locality.)


Dr John N Yiannakis

Friday, 26 May 2017 22:38

Pink Hat Luncheon

Pink Hat Luncheon

The annual Centre for the Greek Language (CGL) examinations are over for another year, marking 13 years of the CGL in WA! Sent from Greece to all CGL Centres around the world, the examinations were conducted at St. Andrew’s Grammar on Tuesday 16 May and Wednesday 17 May. There were 20 candidates this year, spread across the following levels;

Level A1 (8-12 year olds): 4 candidates;
Level A1 (Adolescents & Adults): 4 candidates;
Level A2: 2 candidates;
Level B1: 2 candidates;
Level B2: 3 candidates; and
Level C1: 5 candidates.


Levels A1 (8-12 year olds) & A1 (Adolescents & Adults)
Levels A1 (8-12 year olds) & A1 (Adolescents & Adults)


The examinations commenced before 9am on both days and concluded before the end of the school day. Everything ran smoothly as a result of much prior planning and preparation. On this, I would like to thank all those who assisted me in the lead up to the examinations and during both examination days. My thanks go to Mr Simon Midson, Mrs Leanne McTavish and Mr Pavlos Iosifidis for coordinating the room changes needed at St. Andrew’s Grammar for the use of four classrooms on Tuesday and two on Wednesday. I also thank the CGL Committee members; Mr Pavlos Iosifidis, Mrs Katerina Reklitis, Ms Evridiki Politi and Mrs Eva Tsapazi for their assistance during the exam period, and particularly Mr Iosifidis for his assistance throughout the two days and during the Oral Exams.


Formed last year with the support of the State Government, the WA RSL and various Greek associations, the Battle of Crete Memorial Committee is seeking to erect a designated war memorial in Kings Park to recognise the sacrifices made by ANZACs and Greeks in the Battle of Crete campaign of the Second World War.

In-principle approval has been received from the Kings Park Board for a designated war memorial to be established in Kings Park; a place where people can pay their respects, learn and reflect on the Battle of Crete, and where wreath laying ceremonies may be held in future. The Committee is now ready to embark on the next stage of the project related to design and creation of a suitable memorial, and the fund raising necessary to make it happen.

Your contributions and support in the coming months will greatly assist us in reaching out to the broader community and helping the project come to fruition. We will be in touch again soon.


Contact Us

Telephone: 08 9325 2111

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The above images were sourced by Dr John Yiannakis.

Left: A very early photo from 1915 of Greeks marching in a carnival wearing traditional costume.

Right: The first known wreath-laying commemoration of Oxi Day in Perth, held in 1942.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 21:34

Eagle View Walk

Not too long ago, members of the Parish Youth Bible Study group embarked on a journey of spirituality and self-discovery. Our party consisted of eleven people; a Cypriot ambassador, two children, and quite a few others who did not yet realise what was waiting for them.

With the Sunday service having finished, we first went down to the hall for some light refreshments, and after having ‘geared up’, we jumped in the cars and departed for the John Forrest National Park.

Our journey began at the local kangaroo tavern, where kangaroos had been known to chill-out and enjoy a meal or two. We walked through to the outdoor area of the tavern and sure enough, there they were, kangaroos, and in great numbers. Some of us went ahead and pet the kangaroos, others who were more daring, got face to face with them for a few awesome selfies, and others just quivered in their shoes at the slightest movement of the beasts.
Onwards and upwards; it was almost two-o-clock, and we were ready to begin the walk. Had we known at this point that over the whole walk, we would only see one kangaroo in the wild, we may have just stayed at the tavern.

Out of the various walks available, we chose to do the Eagle View Walk; a fifteen kilometre hike around the Park. It was the perfect day! We had a clear blue sky over our heads, a slight wind to cool us over, and amazing views. As we walked, in the company of each other, we could not escape the wonder that was before us. Clearly, this was not something that was created by accident, or by chance but by the will of our God and Creator.

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