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Last Friday we had our Home Cinema Sensation night in the Church hall. After much deliberation, we finally settled on a movie. "Shhhh, we're hiding. Everyone needs to be quiet, including me... SHHHHHH! Who's making that noise? Oh, it's me again..." That's right, we watched, "Madagascar"! With a projector, popcorn, and some mint tea, perfect for a Winter evening, what more can be asked for. We had some food, laughs, and pleasant conversation. A great evening indeed!

We are quickly nearing the end of our term with only one activity left. Our activity for this Friday is an iconography night. You'll learn about what iconography is, the different styles, and how it complements Orthodox worship. We also welcome everyone to bring in an icon to be displayed for the evening. After this first part of the evening, we'll head downstairs for some light food and drinks, and enjoy in each others' company. Everyone is invited to join us for what we anticipate will be an interactive and informative evening :)

We are pleased to announce a visit from the Greek Orthodox Christian Society of Sydney from the 3rd to the 5th of July. They have a strong focus on youth in the Church and their visiting group is made up of members with ranging specialities, such as chanters and theologians. Having an active life within the Church through Sunday Schools, youth groups, periodicals ("Lychnos"), radio programmes and the promotion and distribution of Orthodox Christian books, it is truly a blessing to welcome them to our part of Australia.

They will be attending the following services and everyone is welcome to come along to these.

  • Saturday, 4th of July
    • 8:00am - 10:30am - Divine Liturgy service at the Holy Monastery of St John of the Mountain
    • 5:00pm - 5:45pm - Vesper service at Sts Constantine and Helene, followed by a presentation, "The Orthodox Church, a hospital for the soul"
  • Sunday, 5th of July
    • 8:00am - 12:30pm - Orthros & Divine Liturgy service at all Churches; Members of the Society will be participating in Chanting during the Divine Liturgy Service and will present a brief Sermon in Greek and English, after which a morning tea will be held at each Church.
Friday, 19 June 2015 12:00

What's New

Upcoming Events

  • Sun Jun 21
    • 8:00AM, 3rd Sunday of Matthew - Matins & Divine Liturgy
  • Tue June 23
    • 6:30PM, Vespers (Combined Service - Monastery of St John, Forrestfield)
  • Wed June 24
    • 8:00AM, Nativity of St John the Baptist - Divine Liturgy (Combined Service - Monastery of St John, Forrestfield)
  • Fri Jun 26
    • 9:00AM, Supplications to the Theotokos
    • 6:30PM, Evangelismos Youth - Introduction to Iconography
  • Sat Jun 27
    • 8:00AM, English Liturgy
    • 4:00PM, Vespers


Evangelismos Youth

For the Evangelismos Youth activity tonight, we'll be watching a movie together. Something funny, something relaxing, and something great to start your weekend. More information on the night can be found here.


Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia News

In case you haven't already had a look, the June edition of the "Vema" Newspaper is out and can be downloaded from here (the Greek version is also available from here).

Some of the stories that you can read about are:

  • The Gift and its Associated Problems, by His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos
  • Perth Greek Glendi Festival 2015
  • Iraklio, the Capital City of Crete


Monastery of St John of the Mountain Feast Day (24th of June)

Next Wednesday, 24th of June, is the Nativity of St John the Baptist. Therefore, there will be a Vespers service the evening before (Tuesday) starting at 6:30pm, as well as a Divine Liturgy on Wednesday morning starting at 8:00am. All priests will be in attendance at the monastery for these two services. Please come along and join us for the feast day.

David of Thessalonike
Feast Day: June 26

It was during the fifth century in Thessalonike that a man named David was found. Thessalonike, at that time, was isolated and required a certain self-sufficient lifestyle. As a result, the men from this land were known for their hardiness, resourcefulness, and depth of faith.

David was a very handsome man, however, his gentle manner, pious sincerity, and deeply religious conviction, meant his place was with God. So having heard his calling to the monastic life, he abandoned the world, and took up the tranquillity at a nearby monastery. This monastery was dedicated to the martyrs Theodore and Merkurios, and while he held them in reverence, it was St Symeon Stylites, the indestructible saint who sat on top a sixty-foot pillar to remind passers-by of the salvation of man through Jesus Christ, that he revered more.

David progressed through the monastic life fairly quietly until one Summer day when he climbed up an almond tree to escape the heat. While there on the limb of the tree, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his hero, St Symeon. He selected a stout limb and made a resolution to stay in the tree until God called him down. After startling a passing monk below, David asked that he be given sustenance for as long as required, just like St Symeon.


Last week we enjoyed a particularly good talk by Father Emmanuel on the different feasts of our Church. Stepping through the events of the life of Jesus, we saw how the Church remembers and celebrates these every year. We also learnt about the importance of fasting and its purpose in our lives.
Following our talk, we all gathered down in the hall and played some games. Chess, Jenga, Marbles... let's just say the younger ones got a little carried away. We lost track of the time fairly easily but in the end, we had to call it a night.

This week we have our 'Home Cinema Sensation' night! That's right. Buckle your seatbelts because we'll be watching a movie this week. "What movie is it?" you ask. Well, you'll just have to come along and find out. It could be anything. "Monsters Inc", "Karate Kid", "Finding Nemo"... just some possibilities to keep you in suspense and wondering. Don't forget that secret ingredient, without which, the whole movie watching experience would fall apart. Pop-corn!!!!
So, don't forget to join us for what's sure to be an action packed night. That's this Friday, the 19th of June, at 6:30pm. See you all there.

Saturday, 13 June 2015 19:14

Church Iconography Project Update

Over the years, our Church has undergone several major renovations, the last of which was the Iconography Project. The aim of this Iconography Project was to adorn the walls of the Church with icons, as is traditional for an Orthodox Church.
Work began in January of 2010 by Iconographer, Mr John Kalentzis. Although we initially estimated that the work would be completed in four years, it is taking longer than expected. However, the focus is not on the speed but instead the quality of the work.

We would also like to report that ninety-percent of the icons, already purchased by parishioners, have been completed. There are still icons available for purchase, so if you'd like to purchase one, please contact Fr Emmanuel at, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call on 0419 961 313. Please note that payment of the icons must be made directly to the Treasurer of the Committee, Eva Stain.

We are currently working on displaying some of the icons already completed on our website, so stay tuned for more information.

Friday, 12 June 2015 12:00

What's New

Upcoming Events

  • Sun Jun 14
    • 8:00AM, 2nd Sunday of Matthew - Matins & Divine Liturgy
  • Fri Jun 19
    • 6:30PM, Evangelismos Youth - Home Cinema Sensation
  • Sat Jun 20
    • 4:00PM, Vespers


Evangelismos Youth

Tonight we see the return of our famous games night. An evening of games... I know I'm excited! So, bring along your favourite games and have some fun. More information on the night can be found here.


English Liturgy

Just a reminder that tomorrow morning we have an English Liturgy from 8:00am to 10:00am. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Dear Friends of St. Andrew's Grammar,

Welcome to the Greek Studies electronic newsletter 'Hermes' which will be published at least once each term by Greek Studies staff and students.

Its purpose is to provide information about the development and progress of students in Modern Greek Language and Greek cultural experiences from Kindergarten to Year 12 and to provide an opportunity for student work to be published and shared.

You will notice from reading the magazine, there have been many impressive developments in the Greek Studies programme during 2015.

A significant development has been the establishment of bursaries by the Berbatis Family to support families experiencing financial hardship. Bursary recipients are required to study the Modern Greek Language at St Andrew's Grammar with the intention of increasing the proportion of students studying Modern Greek at the ATAR level in future years.

Fifteen bursaries for 2015 have been allocated and we thank the Berbatis family for their generosity. Further details of this significant contribution will be provided in the coming weeks with a feature article in our next Hermes publication.

Thank you to Greek Studies staff, Mr Pavlos Iosifidis, Mrs Katerina Reklitis, Ms Betty Parissis, Ms Katina Maounis and Ms Magda Hasapopoulos for their initiative, enthusiasm and dedication in establishing Hermes.

We look forward to exhibiting the work of our students and providing an informative insight to the progress of the Greek Studies programme at St. Andrew's Grammar via the e-newsletter.

To download a copy of 'Hermes', please click here.


Yours sincerely,

Mr Simon Midson

St. Andrew's Grammar
4 Hellenic Drive
Dianella WA 6059
Tel: (08) 9376 5850 Fax: (08) 9376 5859

With the sweet scent of pizza dough, melted cheese, and salami wafting across the kitchen, a new group of masterchefs were born. In Zorba's kitchen last week, we made pizzas from the base up (pun intended)! It was a fun-filled evening showing off each person's creativity and imagination. We had a vast range of pizzas including the standard supreme pizza, as well as a Hawaiian, and two other unique pizzas, the likes of which Dominos is yet to see. The pizzas were very filling and yet went rather quickly, a good sign of satisfied diners. To top off our pizza night, we enjoyed some cake, passionfruits, and coffee. All in all, a very successful night.

This week we've got, wait for it, another games night!! After how successful the last one was, we've got high expectations this week. What will we be playing? That's up to you! If you have any family favourites like Uno, Chess, Backgammon, whatever the case, bring them along and we can all share in the fun. So, this Friday evening, come along, play some games, and enjoy yourself.

Also, due to a surprise visit, our ceramics night at the end of term (3 July) will be rescheduled and a special, alternate activity will take its place. More details to follow soon.

Friday, 05 June 2015 12:00

What's New

Upcoming Events

  • Sun Jun 7
    • 8:00am, 1st Sunday of Matthew (All Saints) - Matins & Divine Liturgy
  • Fri Jun 12
    • 6:30pm, Evangelismos Youth - Games, Games, and More Games
  • Sat Jun 13
    • 8:00am, English Liturgy
    • 4:00pm, Vespers


Evangelismos Youth

Tonight is pizza night and we have our very own chefs making pizzas for everyone. Want to see how pizzas are made? Come along for a special demonstration. More information on the night can be found here.

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