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Wednesday, 20 February 2019 07:32

New in the Bookstore

Elder Cleopa: Stories for Children
by Elder Cleopa

This collection of stories, written for a young audience by one of the most important Orthodox Christian elders of Romania, contains teachings about faith, the Christian virtues, the lives of the saints, prayer, icons, and many other topics. The first volume includes stories about God's greatness, the value of faith, St. Mark of Trache, the fear of God, and one of the Psalms.


Life According to the Gospel
by Patriarch Paul

It is not easy to teach the Gospel. One of the few among our contemporaries who completely succeeded at overcoming those obstacles is His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Paul (+2009). Some of Patriarch Pavle's sermons have been published over an extended period of time first in Kosovo and Metohija (1983-1990), and later in Belgrade.

These sermons are dedicated equally to the faithful and to the unfaithful, to Serbs and non-Serbs. During the most recent war Patriarch Paul did not forget even the enemies of Serbian people but was worried about their salvation; he prayed to the Lord to show them the way of truth, justice and peace. His role and voice are truly universal. The entire material is arranged chronologically; each sermon being dated and designated by the place and the occasion for it.


Prayer Book-English, Serbian
by various

A beautiful pocket-size, full-color English Language prayer book; it contains prayers commonly used by Orthodox Christians, list of Scriptural Commandments, brief articles on the precepts of Faith, proper conduct in church, and the meaning and practice of prayer. It is adorned with striking icons and illustrations by Fr. Stamatis Skliris

Wednesday, 06 February 2019 07:15

New in the Bookstore

The Mystical Marriage
by Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra (Mt Athos)

This book contains six talks by Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra (Mt Athos), focusing on select passages from the Chapters on Love by St Maximos the Confessor. More than a simple commentary, these talks offer a profound yet approachable introduction to the principles and practice of Orthodox spirituality.

From Chapter One:
We often say that we love God, and sing the praises of His love, but we are not able to pray without distractions. If this is the case, it means we are not speaking truthfully, that our praises are empty, because genuine love for God is the generative cause of undistracted prayer, and undistracted prayer is the generative cause of the love of God.


Words of the Heart

This book contains the homilies as well as the wonderous life of the Abbess of blessed memory, the venerable Gerondissa Makrina Vassopoulou.

“The venerable Makrina was blessed. All who read her discourses with prayer will sense the fragrance of Gerondissa’s prayer, the scent of the desert of Mt. Athos as it was experienced in a coenobitic monastery, the spiritual life of this true child of true hesychast fathers, and true mother of blessed nuns.” -Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

“Her simple speech speaks to the hearts of all, for it comes from her authentic, holy experiences…. A person of praxis and theoria, Gerondissa was rich in virutes, and she was and still is a guide of others toward Christ and a model of authentic spiritual person, when virtuous examples to follow are becoming increasingly difficult to find. -Stavros Kourousis, Professor Emeritus, University of Athens


The Wilderness Journal: 365 Days with the Philokalia
by Angela Doll Carlson

The Philokalia - a collection of the best writings from Orthodox spiritual masters across many centuries - is a treasure trove of direction for the spiritual life. But it can be overwhelming at first glance. Popular author and podcaster Angela Doll Carlson set herself the mission of reading through The Philokalia in a year and journaling about the thoughts it called up in her. The result is a thoughtful, inspiring daily devotional that introduces new readers to this great spiritual classic and helps us apply the wisdom of the ages to a layperson's life in the modern world.

Thursday, 13 December 2018 06:16

New Vasilopita Coin at the Bookstore

New Vasilopita Coin showing the New Year of 2019, a momento to keep forever.

Buy yours now before they sell out, as when they're gone, that's it.

Contact the bookstore for your keepsake at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Friday, 02 November 2018 06:30

News from the Bookstore


The Orthodox Study Bible: New Testament and Psalms

Discovering Orthodox Christianity in the pages of the New Testament.


Beautiful Things: An Orthodox Colouring Book for Children
illustrated by Megan Elizabeth Gilbert

The Orthodox Christian experience is infused with beauty. God calls to us through the presence of beautiful things—from the elegant chalice that houses Christ's very body to the icons of beloved saints hanging in our homes. Beautiful Things is a 64-page coloring and activity book for our littlest believers. As they color the Good Shepherd or the Jesus Prayer, they are cultivating their own sensibility to beauty while learning to recognize some of the meaningful symbols, elements, and motifs of the Church.

For ages 3 to 6

What Do You See at Liturgy? (board book)
by Kristina Kallas-Tartara

"What Do You See at Liturgy?" is a board book that will help children begin to understand their faith at an early age. It brings the faith to the child’s level with up-close photographs of things they will see while at church. With rhyming and predictable text, it will help a child learn church vocabulary and communicate what he or she sees.

For ages 0 to 5

Friday, 26 October 2018 07:12

New in the Bookstore

The Barn & the Book
by Melinda Johnson

Sam wants to know if animals (especially Saucer!) can speak at midnight on Christmas Eve. Grace and Macrina are competing to write a story, and Elias is losing his patience. Meanwhile, Sister Anna hopes God will rescue her from teaching Sunday school. Christmas is coming, but hearts are full of secrets and frustrations. The Barn and the Book is a story about the traps we build when we try to see in the dark. We tumble into trouble and confusion on our own, but God can steer us clear of our traps and shine His kindly light into our darkness. [Ages 7-12, independent readers; read-aloud ready for all ages!]


Shepherding Sam
by Melinda Johnson

Sam’s Aunt Eva says he’s like a tornado—he causes a ruckus everywhere he goes. But Aunt Eva won’t give up on Sam, and neither will Saucer, the monastery’s corgi puppy. Saucer lives at the monastery, but he dreams of herding sheep. With no sheep in his life, Saucer tries to herd everyone else—farm animals, nuns, and especially Sam. Sam doesn’t want to follow anyone, not even a funny puppy. But Saucer knows that if he just keeps trying, he can bring this lonely boy back to the flock.

Monday, 03 September 2018 18:00

Our Bookstore - Now Bigger and Better!

As some of you may have noticed, from August 23, the bookstore took its next biggest step forward, expanding into a second room. Becoming too big for its own boots, it needed a refitting!

The new room now houses all the Greek books, male saints, cookbooks, spiritual counsel, spirituality, some Greek CD's, bracelets, youth books and parenting, as well as some icons.

In the main room, you will find all the other categories such as Bibles, Orthodoxy, marriage, liturgical, prayer, history, feasts, children's books, English CDs, more icons, as well as bits and bobs, and that's just to name a few!

Did we mention that we also have more stock and a bigger variety of books now? Well, we do!

So, explore through the photos below, or even better, come and visit us in person. We're certain that you won't leave empty handed.

We're open after the Church service every Sunday morning, and additionally, select days during the week. For more information, visit our resource page here.

Additionally, if you know what you are looking for and need to know if it is in stock, just send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Oh...and by the way, we also post out books to you for your convenience. Payment can be made by direct debit to: BSB 036-044 Account 330268


Wednesday, 07 March 2018 07:28

New in the Bookstore

A Boy’s Journey to Sainthood: St. Paisios the Athonite
by Anna Iakovou

The saints of our Church, even the greatest elders and ascetics, were once children!

On one summer day, in Konitsa of Epirus (Northern Greece), the young Arseny beheld the “Light of the world” with his own eyes. Over the years, this very child grew up to become the beloved saint we know today as St. Paisios the Athonite.

In this book, children will learn about the life of St. Paisios through sweet and moving stories, filled with wisdom and joy.

For children ages 5 to 12


Everything Tells Us about God
by Katherine Bolger Hyde

Inspired by a story told by Father Thomas Hopko

The world is like a giant puzzle God made that teaches us about Himself. Every piece—earth, sea, and sky, plants, animals, and people—reveals something about who He is and why we're here. Everything Tells Us about God will help children recognize the beautiful and sometimes mysterious pieces of this puzzle for themselves.


St Seraphim's Beatitudes : Blessings for Our Path to Heaven, Based on the Life of the Wonderworker of Sarov
by Daniel William Marshall

This hardbound, 32-page, full-color life of St. Seraphim of Sarov delights with lavish, historically-accurate illustrations and inspiring stories that every young Christian will enjoy reading again and again. Short sayings patterned after the Lord’s Beatitudes present St. Seraphim’s wisdom in clear, memorable phrases.

Product Reviews:

“This is the best children’s Orthodox book I’ve seen!”
— Heiromonk Alexander, Hermitage of the Holy Cross


Fasting as a Family: Planning and Preparing Delicious Lenten Meals
by Melissa Naasko

Does every fasting day or season find you scanning your pantry shelves in a panic, wondering what in the world to cook for dinner? Help is on the way! Melissa Naasko, food blogger and mother of 11, will walk you through the process of stocking your Lenten pantry, planning meals, providing for tight budgets and dietary restrictions, and cooking easy, delicious, and varied fast-appropriate meals that both kids and adults will love. With worry about food a thing of the past, you'll be able to focus on the spiritual aspect of the fasts as never before. (Includes an extensive recipe section.)

Saturday, 02 December 2017 19:49

Stuck for Christmas Gifts?

The Evangelismos Bookshop has a range of gifts perfect for friends and family, particularly for your children and godchildren.
A range of children's books, prayer books, gold and silver decorative icons, crosses and even icons to go on your Christmas tree are in stock.


Please note the bookshop will be closed from 20th December and reopening on Thursday 11 January 2018 – weekdays. Sundays open as usual after the Divine Liturgy.

For any inquiries contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thursday, 26 October 2017 22:34

Bookstore - Up to 40% Discounts on CDs

Are you still looking for that special Christmas gift? Well, look no further!

On Sunday, 5 November, the Evangelismos bookstore will be discounting a large range of CD's.

This sale will occur just outside the Church, at the conclusion of the service.

Discounts will be ranging from 20-40%. That's a huge saving!

So, book the date in, come past, and pay us a visit.

We'll be waiting :)

Wednesday, 22 March 2017 20:39

News from Our Bookstore


Season of Repentance: Lenten Homilies of Saint John of Kronstadt
by Ivan Ilyich Sergiev

Each year we begin anew the journey to the radiant feast of Pascha, we are in the season of repentance known as Great Lent.

The homilies presented in this modest volume, from St John of Kronstadt—one of the spiritual giants of the Orthodox Church of Russia—can both encourage and inform us in this struggle of the fast.


Prosphora Seals (Large)

These are a larger size than normal - 16cm - which should fit the diameter of the arto bread. Arrival has been estimated for the first week of April.

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