The 'Holy Sacraments', or 'Holy Mysteries', are the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives and creation. Through them, we commune with the Holy Spirit, and in turn receive God. They are essential to salvation and eternal life.

There are seven Holy Sacraments, all of which were given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament. However, not all of them are necessary for everyone; not everyone is called to marriage or the priesthood. We must, however, observe the other five Sacraments.

  • Baptism; our old self is buried, we are then resurrected, and finally born again in Christ.
  • Chrismation; the Holy Spirit descends upon us and we are received into the Body of Christ, the Church.
  • The Eucharist; the greatest Sacrament, where bread and wine are changed into the actual Body and Blood of Christ, which we then receive for the remission of sins and eternal life.
  • Confession; we confess our sins before Christ in repentance, and are gifted with His forgiveness.
  • Holy Unction; spiritual and physical healing.

The other two are:

  • Marriage; the joining of man and woman through the Holy Spirit to form one spirit and one body.
  • Ordination; the Apostolic Succession, whereby through the Holy Spirit, those chosen by God enter into the priesthood.

These are listed below. We hope that they will provide you with the spiritual knowledge to help you in your life. Please click on a Sacrament to read more.

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