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The Spiritual Progression of Man to God

An Orthodox Christian Spiritual Grid


(The Union of Man with God)


(Fallen Man – Adam and Eve)
(The God-Man CHRIST)
Attributes of
The Fall
Attributes of
The Transformation
Attributes of
The Divine Gifts
Attributes of
The Divine Nature
Expulsion Reconciliation Adoption Theosis
Mortality New Birth Resurrection Eternity
Ignorance Knowledge Understanding Wisdom
Forgetfulness Remembrance Prayerfulness Omniscience
Laziness Attentiveness Asceticism Omnipresence
Fragmentation Dignity Communion Unity
Indifference Discrimination Compassion Love
Confusion Rationality Dispassion Order
Darkness Enlightenment Luminosity (Uncreated) Light
Egocentricity Selflessness Theocentricity Omnipotence
Nakedness Adornment Grace Righteousness
Impurity Catharsis Healing Purity
Anxiety Repentance Obedience Peace
Willfulness Abandonment Providence Humility
Corruption Sacrifice Incorruption Perfection
Discord Harmony Radiance Beauty
Suffering Forbearance Healing Salvation


Fr Emmanuel Stamatiou

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