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Easter Encyclical 2018




by the grace of God
Archbishop of Australia
to the Reverend Clergy and the devout Faithful
of our Holy Archdiocese


Brother Concelebrants and Beloved children in the Lord,

Christ is Risen!

"Today a sacred Pascha has been revealed to us;
a Pascha new and holy, a Pascha mystical,
a Pascha all-venerable, Pascha, the Redeemer Christ himself;
a Pascha that is blameless, a Pascha that is great,
a Pascha of believers".

With these triumphal cries, our Church greets the Passions and the Resurrection of the God-Man each year.

As we heard and read, infinite are the adjectives used by the Hymnographer of the Church to express in some way the Mystery of God which is inaccessible to the human mind.

Yet, how many of these adjectives continue to resonate truly within our hearts today, following the radical reassessment that all the values of life have undergone around us?

Who will give back to us the pure feelings necessary for us to taste Pascha once again, as described by the Hymnographer; holy, all-venerable, great, mystical?

Pascha means passage and crossing: From death to life. From grief to joy. From despair to hope. From darkness to light. From the ephemeral to the eternal. From the vain and false to the holy and unwavering. Pascha means that life swallows death every minute, and indeed, through death.

Pascha cannot be understood without the Paschal Lamb who gave to life a different taste. And this Lamb is Christ Himself.

Another "blameless" Pascha does not exist without Him and beyond Him.

That is why our Church chants: "Pascha, the Redeemer Christ Himself".

To Him be the glory and the dominion unto the ages of ages. Amen!

With fervent blessings in the Risen Christ


Archbishop STYLIANOS


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