The St Romanos Liturgical English Choir


History of the Choir:

In 2003 Father Emmanuel was approached to introduce the Divine Liturgy in English and the task was then to organise a choir.
A group of choristers were formed who were willing to take up the task but did not have the availability of Byzantine music written in western notation. The sound they wanted to produce was one as close to the Greek chanting as was possible with the English language and the notation.
After some research the choir began practising and the first Liturgy took place in 2004.
The choir began with one Saturday per month which then increased over time to a fortnightly basis. Over time, the choir learnt to chant the Memorial Service in English (with the Byzantine sound) as well as learning the chanting for the Sacrament of Marriage, which they have performed many times on request.
Around 2009 a request was put to Father Emmanuel if a name could be bestowed upon the choir and it was decided on the name "The St Romanos Liturgical English Choir". This saint was chosen as he was a hymnographer who would be the ideal patron saint.
The choir grew to a maximum number of 10 in the early years, but has now settled to seven dedicated choristers.
Being part of a choir takes commitment and dedication. It is pleasing to see that the current members have been with the choir for over 6 years.

Besides the English Liturgies served at Evangelismos Church, requests have been made for the services to be held in Albany and Bunbury. Dedicated members have made themselves available to chant at both locations.

If you have an interest in being part of the choir, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.


English Services at Evangelismos and Albany for 2017:

Divine Liturgies in English are held on a Saturday morning. In 2017, some of these services will take place in the regional South-West. We have endeavoured to offer English Services twice a month, however, in some months this has not been possible because of special feast days falling on a Saturday. The program of English Services is listed below.

West Perth: The Annunciation of Our Lady – Evangelismos, Corner Carr & Charles Streets, West Perth

Bunbury: St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Forrest Street, East Bunbury (No scheduled services in 2017)

Albany: St John the Theologian Anglican Church, York Street, Albany

Note: For the services held in Albany, there is a Vespers service the evening before, commencing at 6:00pm in Albany also.

21 Jan   8-10am Maximus the Confessor, Neophytos the Martyr
4 Feb   8-10am Isidore of Pelousium, Nikolaos the Confessor, Joseph the Martyr
25 Feb   8-10am Tarasios of Constantinople, Martyr Reginus of Scopelos
4 Mar   8-10am St Theodore
11 Mar CANCELLED 8-10am Sophronios of Jerusalem, Theodora Queen of Arta
18 Mar   8-10am Cyril of Jerusalem, Ananias, Trofimos and Efkarpion
1 Apr   8-10am St Mary of Egypt, Gerontios Makarios Abbot of Pelekite
29 Apr   8-10am Jason and Sosipater of the 70, Martyr Cercyra, Eusebius, Zeno
13 May   8-10am Martyr Glykeria, Sergios the Confessor, Euthymius of Iveron
27 May   8-10am John the Russian, Martyrs Elladius and Therapon
10 Jun   8-10am Alexander and Antonina, Hieromartyr Timothy of Proussa
17 Jun   8-10am Martyrs Isaurus, Manuel, Sabel, and Ishmael Martyrs of Persia
8 Jul   8-10am Greatmartyr Procopios, Theophilios the Myrrhbearer
15 Jul Albany 8-10am Martyr Julitta and Kyrikos, Vladimir, Equal to the Apostles
22 Jul   8-10am Holy Myrrhbearer and Equal to the Apostles Mary Magdalene
5 Aug   8-10am Martyr Eusygnius, Nona (Mother of St Gregory the Theologian)
19 Aug   8-10am Martyr Andrew the Soldier, Martyrs Timothy, Agapius, Thecla
2 Sep   8-10am Martyr Mammas, John the Faster, Philadelphus, Philip
16 Sep   8-10am Greatmartyr Euphemia, Meletine, Dorotheos the Hermit of Egypt
30 Sep   8-10am Gregory the Illuminator of Armenia, Mardonios and Stratonikos
7 Oct   8-10am Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus, Hieromartyr Polychronus
14 Oct Albany 8-10am Greatmartyr Nazarios, Gervasios, Cosmas the Hagiopolite
21 Oct   8-10am Hilarion the Great, Christodoulus of Patmos, John the New Martyr
4 Nov   8-10am Ioannikios the Great, Nikandros of Myra, Ioannikios, John
18 Nov   8-10am Martyrs Plato and Romanos, Anastasios Neomartyr, Basil Hosios
2 Dec   8-10am Porphyrios the Kafsokalyvites, Martyr Myrope, Theofilus
16 Dec   8-10am Prophet Haggai, Martyrs Marinus, Theofania, Modestos


English Liturgy Pamphlets

The St Romanos Liturgical English Choir have been preparing small, informative pamphlets for distribution at each of the Saturday English Liturgies. These pamphlets can include information specifically related to the service, the saint of the day, sayings by the Holy Fathers, and various other bits of information. Click here to view our collection of English Liturgy Pamphlets.



Questions regarding the English Liturgy Services should be directed here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New choir members are always welcome and should also contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for practice times and further details

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