Who are we?

In a society filled with corruption and where Christian values are frowned upon, it is difficult for our youth seeking the Heavenly Kingdom, to "fit-in" and more importantly, grow.
We recognise this difficulty and have, in response, formed what we call, the Evangelismos Youth. The Evangelismos Youth is a collection of young individuals coming together to learn about their Faith, and have fun doing it.

We were formed in 2007 and have been slowly growing. We started off under the name of the, "Evangelismos Youth Group" or "EYG" but have migrated as of 2015 into the "Evangelismos Youth," which while seems similar, we hope will be so much bigger.

So, what do we do?

We provide the opportunity for our youth to interact and socialise with one another, while building upon the Orthodox Faith that makes us worthy to be called Christians.

We have put together a carefully structured program of activities, with Father Emmanuel's blessing, that we hope will help our youth in their spiritual development. This program is created with the following focus points.

  • Faith
  • Learning
  • Community
  • Spirituality
  • Culture
  • and generally, making friends and having fun

These activities are then run, once a week, where all are welcome to attend.
Due to it's success in the past, and its fundamental importance in our lives, each activity is begun with a talk from Father Emmanuel in the Church. This is a very informal and interactive talk, where all are free to ask questions and learn about our Faith, after which we move off according to the planned activity. All are welcome to join in! Otherwise, grab a seat, have a coffee, and share in some light conversation.


Who can attend?

We welcome all young people! Please be aware that while we welcome children, it is the responsibility of the parent to mind them and ensure that they are always respectful.


When is it run?

Due to re-developments, the weekly activities have currently been put on hold. Watch our website for new information.


Where is it run?

As mentioned above, we begin the night inside the Church for the talk, after which we migrate to the specified location. This will more often than not be the Church Hall below the Church. We do plan for a couple of outings during the term, during which we will travel to those specified locations. On these dates, everyone will need to ensure they have a ride available.


Latest News – Read about what's new with the Evangelismos Youth!

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Latest Program

This term, we have opted against being limited to a pre-organised program and instead have decided to plan our events on a weekly basis. More detailed information for each week is sent ahead of time through our website's updates.


Email Subscription

Please subscribe to the Church e-newsletter, by filling in the short form on our home page. Your subscription will allow you to receive weekly updates from the Evangelismos Youth, as well as other Church updates.


Contact Us

All enquiries should be made to, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A response is usually made within 24-48 hours.


Photo Gallery


These photos can be accessed from our new photo gallery here.


Some photos from the past EYG adventures.


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