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Evangelismos Youth: 'Koliva Kreations'

Sadly, we saw fewer faces than usual last week. Due to the number of people with colds, we had a more comfortable crowd but that didn't stop us from our weekly dose of fun.
This year, the Ascension of Christ fell on the 21st of May, which was last Thursday. So, as we do every year, we placed the dried flowers from the Epitaphios into bags for handing out on Sunday. The reason why the dry Epitaphion flowers are give out to the faithful is so that they can use a little at a time when incensing their houses.
We managed to prepare just under 300 bags of flowers. This gave us a good opportunity to get to know each other better, and learn something new about ourselves.
After we had completed preparing the flowers, we decided to head to Leederville for some food and drinks. Thankfully, the weather was perfectly suited to it. We enjoyed some weirdly tasting softdrink varieties, as well as a huge proportion of hot chips. Before we knew it, it was starting to get late and we decided to call it a night.

This week, hmmm... what's on our schedule? We're making Koliva!!! At our 'Koliva Kreations' night we'll have a real time demonstration on how to make koliva, as well as a real time eating of it afterwards. For those of you that don't know, koliva is boiled wheat that is prepared traditionally for memorial services, remembering the departed. The koliva is symbolic because just as the wheat is buried in the soil, dies, and is later reborn, so do we pray for those in whom we remember. That although they have died in this world, they may live eternally in the next. As the day following Friday is Saturday of Souls, where we remember all the dead in the year, we thought it was only fitting to show you the process for making koliva.

So, grab your diaries and pencil it in! This Friday, the 29th of May, at 6:30pm, 'Koliva Kreations'. We look forward to seeing you all there.

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