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Evangelismos Youth: Pizza Perfection

The Evangelismos Youth evenings provide an opportunity for young people of the Church to come together, share in their Faith, and make long-term friendships. Our youth group is very diverse and multi-cultural but we share in the same One True Orthodox Faith.

Last Friday, we made Koliva. Koliva is an offering for the remembrance of those that have fallen asleep in Christ. Each item that goes into making it has a symbolic meaning. The koliva (boiled wheat) is symbolic because just as the wheat is buried in the soil, dies, and is later reborn, so do we pray for those in whom we remember.
Our special guest, Mary K., along with her little helpers, gave the demonstration. We learnt how Koliva is made and had a few laughs doing it. It seemed that afterwards when we got to taste the final product, the sugar sent a couple of our young ones into hyper drive. While their energy was refreshing, our sympathies went out to the parents who had to put them to bed.
For photos of the night, check out our photo gallery here.

With Pentecost Sunday having just passed, we thought we'd organise something special for this week. So, in Zorba's kitchen, we'll be doing homemade pizzas. That's right we're doing it the Greek way, where thin crusts and conservative toppings are punishable. You'll find none of that here! So, come along and join us for our 'masterclass', where it may get messy, a little crazy but we're sure everyone will walk away with their taste-buds satisfied. A word of warning, just don't mention seafood toppings otherwise you may encounter the large end of a wooden spoon.
So, that's this Friday the 5th of June, at 6:30pm. See you all there.

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