Sunday, 28 June 2015 20:04

Evangelismos Youth: A Short Break

Last Friday we all gathered for what was, our last activity for the term. It was our 'Introduction to Iconography' night, where we all learnt something new about Icons. In case you don't already know, the Greek word for 'Icon' is 'Αγιογραφία', which can be separated as follows:

Αγιο, meaning Holy or, not of this world, and

Γράφω, meaning to write

With this we can say that Icons are not paintings or creations of the imagination but instead, are writings of things not of this world. They are truths about a Holy person's life, or particular event. While similar and yet completely different to biographies, Icons represent things not of this world through truth and with the blessing of the Church. While aspects like colour of an Icon can be somewhat modified based on each Iconographer's style, the underlining 'writing' of the truth, so to speak, must remain unchanged.
After many questions being asked and answered, our Iconography talk reached its end. Making our way down to the hall, we all had some tea, snacks, and good conversation.

Well, here we are. Having concluded our Evangelismos Youth program for the term, a feeling of relief and excitement have struck us; relief, for the much needed break ahead of us, and yet excitement, for what we'll bring you next term. For everyone who joined us in the term finished, thank you for your support. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and we hope to see you next term.

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