Year: 2016

The Meaning of Christmas
When I think of Christmas I think of hope. “For with God, all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27) …Yet the Creator chose to enter the world in humility without a [...]
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In God Only
We look as we watch as all things go by We stare as we gaze into the empty space outside We see what is around us, behind our backs, and [...]
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New Generation in Orthodoxy
We know the words and tunes of many songs but not of any hymns. We read books and magazines on all subjects, even study for many long years; but afford [...]
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Different Interests
We often hear about people having different interests. Sometimes different interests work well between people to complement each other’s weaknesses and other times causing major problems by allowing people to [...]
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The Long Line
Contemplation for the Lenten Period: I clearly remember the service of the Divine Liturgy of St Basil the Great held on the Saturday morning of Holy Week last year. There [...]
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Witness and Revelation
The word martyr is often used by people today in a rather loose fashion and conjures up images of a person who has gone to extreme lengths for some ideal [...]
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Over the ages human knowledge has increased exponentially, particularly in the present century. Fr Kosmas the Apostle of the poor (born 1714) predicted that “Out of schools will come things [...]
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Church, Family and Home
Governments are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to respond to problems facing families and communities throughout Australia. Some years ago there was a government strategy in place to support [...]
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The Global Village
There is much said today about the global village. In the latter part of this century seemingly impenetrable walls that were put up by harsh political ideological regimes that warred [...]
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Conversation with a Video Repair Man
I recently took in my old VHS video machine in for repair. No sooner had I entered the repair shop when the man behind the counter started to engage me [...]
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