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Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen
The Unconscious Man
Many people believe that they do not sin. This is a great illusion allowing the false belief that sin has only to do with the most extreme manifestations of evil such as violence, murder and so on. The thinking is that being sinful is the conscious practice of evil. Sin [...]

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By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible
“Be Anxious for Nothing”
The more we read holy scripture and by the grace of God hear His Word, the more likely we are to be confronted by the contradiction in respect to our lives and our great shortfall in respect to fulfilling God’s Will. One such confronting passage written by St Paul to [...]
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Prayer – “Fill Me With You”
Dear God, I accept all the judgements, all the opposition, all the rejection, all the abuse that I have encountered in my life at the hands of others, for these people I pray and ask for Your loving kindness and forgiveness for them. I also accept the blame for all [...]
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I Am Very Religious You Know!
It has been my recent experience to hear people proudly refer to themselves as being religious. In this state people openly and without embarrassment communicate their religious worship in a way that suggests it is synonymous with spirituality. Included in this delusion is the view that their ‘works’ are a [...]
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Hidden Things
It never ceases to astound me what a striking contrast exists between earthly events and their interpretation based on worldly knowledge, and the understanding of these same events based on heavenly wisdom and knowledge. So great is this contrast that even where two people are witnesses to the same words [...]
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Beyond All Ages, Times and Places
In this disposable age there is an obsession for labelling everything 'new.' The word 'new' has become synonymous with the words 'different', 'better' and 'improved.' But the meaning given to the word 'new' equally and correspondingly devalues what is 'old'. Old is rendered redundant because its commercial opportunity has been [...]
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The Dog Is Better Than I
Whilst debating the issue of relationships a young woman who was arguing in favour of multiple relationships in place of monogamous relationships stated "We have ascended from the Apes not from fallen Angels." Another woman also defending her pro-multiple relationships stance used evolution to justify her position. In both cases [...]
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Inquiring and Acquiring Knowledge
People often ask, what will I do with my life? It is good to ask this question; But the answer always lies with us, for if we desire a meaningful and fruitful life we must strive to continuously come closer to God. God provides us with everything that we should [...]
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What Is Truth
True justice cannot be achieved through words. Injustice comes from the failure of man to come to the knowledge of the truth, and then by faith to live by it. Injustice occurs when the truth is denied. This happens because there are times when the cost of maintaining the truth [...]
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Heaven On Earth
The Orthodox Church is Truth. The Orthodox Church contains no human innovation, but the Word of God. In her there is no place for opinions, only the active and divine inspiration of God. All that we see of her, visible and invisible, hear and touch, her fragrance and her taste, [...]
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