• on July 23, 2020

Newest Arrival of Books

We had a new shipment of books arrive in our store this week.

Here are just a few of the new titles you may not have seen yet.


Vested in Christ: Understand the Mysteries of Holy Baptism and Sacred Chrismation

By George Danias & Christina Hatzithanasi-Danias

“From the Front Flap:
In this book you will learn the answers to some of these questions:
Why was Christ Baptized?
Why does the Church read prayers on the first and eighth day after the birth of a child?
What is the role of the Godparent?
What are the essential elements for the celebration of the Mystery of Holy Baptism?
What are the prayers of exorcism and what is the renunciation of Satan?
What is the significance of the triple immersion for the person being baptized?
What are washing and tonsure?
Why are infants baptized?
Why are baptismal clothes white?
What was the baptism of St. John the Forerunner?
Why does the Priest seal the newly baptized person with Holy Myrrh? ”


For Mind and Heart: St. Nektarios as Teacher

By St. Nektarios of Pentapolis, Rev. Dr. Fr. John Palmer (Translator)

“St Nektarios of Pentapolis (1846-1920) was both a careful student of the art of teaching and a tireless teacher. The present work aims to present and analyze his labors with the sphere of education as well as furnish translations of his core writings on the topic. By these means he is shown a strong proponent of the view that education is properly understood as formation of the whole person, rather than the simple imparting of information.”


Maria the Mother of God

By Athena Dasiou-Ioannou

“This youth title tells the wondrous story of Maria, who became the Mother of God by God’s grace and her willing assent to His holy will, from her conception to her barren mother St. Anna, to her Falling Asleep. This amazing account of the Theotokos is told through story, hymnology, and captivating illustrations.

This book is dedicated to every child – that they may come to know the life of the Panagia – and to every adult who wants to speak to them about the Mother of God.”


Strength in Weakness

By Bishop Irenei

“From the richness of his work as a Professor of Patristics and Early Church History, His Grace, Bishop Irenei offers us in this small but timely volume, as balm for the soul’s wounds, his reflections on the spiritual strength our Lord unfailingly gives us in times of struggle. ‘It is easy,’ he writes, ‘to hear God’s words—My strength is made perfect in weakness—and take them to mean simply that when our strength is depleted, His manifests itself. That when we have no more power to carry on, God sustains us. These things are, of course, true, and they are beautiful and important; but they are not the real message of the Lord’s words to His Apostle. What the Lord opens to St. Paul is a deeper revelation: that for God’s power to be made perfect in a man, that man must become weak…. Then, in a life that is weakened of all its self-possessive fortitude, broken down into spiritual emptiness (often, precisely through physical trials), the Lord fills the heart with a strength that at last has room to reside there.'”


Saint Sergius: A Beacon in the Wilderness of Radonezh

By George Danias & Christina Hatzithanasi-Danias

“About 700 years ago, in the dense forest of Radonezh not far from Moscow, a humble monk built a small wooden church and dedicated it to the Holy Trinity. In the span of a few years, that ascetic’s reputation began to spread far and wide. People began to visit the area in order to consult with the elder — even royalty considered it an honor to speak with him! Today, there is a magnificent monastery in the place where that small Church once stood. But what happened to that humble monk?

In the pages of this book, you will read all about the wondrous life of that monk — Saint Sergius of Radonezh — and how he became a beacon of the holy Orthodox faith and a river of holiness!”

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