• on April 12, 2020

Palm Sunday – Beginning of Holy Week

Today we commemorate the entry of our Lord into Jerusalem, after raising Lazarus from the dead.

It is usually around this time that we see our churches full with people. With the current pandemic, sadly, they are instead empty.
Though this be the case, we instead sought an alternate way to include you, the faithful, in the services.

Since the beginning of our nation-wide lock-down, we have been streaming our services on social media. The reception of them has been amazing, and the feedback heart-felt… and so we continue to bring them to you.

Today is like no other, and we had so many people tune in. Thank you to everyone for your support.

In case you missed our live stream, you can watch it back from our Facebook page here. We also took a few quick photos of the day and uploaded to our photo gallery below. What’s more, we even recorded today’s sermon and uploaded it to our YouTube playlist too.

Have a look through and share in the day with us.

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