The St Romanos Liturgical English Choir

St Romanos the Melodist

In 2003 Father Emmanuel was approached to introduce the Divine Liturgy in English and the task was then to organise a choir.
A group of choristers were formed who were willing to take up the task but did not have the availability of Byzantine music written in western notation. The sound they wanted to produce was one as close to the Greek chanting as was possible with the English language and the notation.
After some research the choir began practising and the first Liturgy took place in 2004.
The choir began with one Saturday per month which then increased over time to a fortnightly basis. Over time, the choir learnt to chant the Memorial Service in English (with the Byzantine sound) as well as learning the chanting for the Sacrament of Marriage, which they have performed many times on request.
Around 2009 a request was put to Father Emmanuel if a name could be bestowed upon the choir and it was decided on the name “The St Romanos Liturgical English Choir”. This saint was chosen as he was a hymnographer who would be the ideal patron saint.
The choir began to grow and develop, with the aim of offering weekly English services from 2018.

As of 2018, weekly English services became a reality. We get a good number of people, from varying backgrounds, join us and the services are always well received.
Following the services, there is also coffee and refreshments provided in the hall.

Additionally, from half way through the year, we also started offering weekly, English, Paraklesis services (Supplicatory Canon to the Theotokos). These are usually held every Sunday afternoon from 4:00pm.

Being part of a choir takes commitment and dedication.

Besides the English Liturgies served at Evangelismos Church, requests have been made for the services to be held in Albany and Bunbury. Dedicated members have made themselves available to chant at both locations.

If you have an interest in being part of the choir, please email for information.

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