What is it?

Sunday School is an ideal opportunity for your child to meet other Orthodox children and to be educated in the faith. It is also a place for you to build Christian fellowship with other families in the Orthodox community.

The Teachers

Our Sunday School operates with the help of 5-6 trained school teachers who rotate as Sunday School teacher throughout the school terms. The teachers meet on a regular basis to discuss lesson outlines and activities. Every teacher brings their own style and creativity to the lesson, which keeps it interesting and engaging for the children.

The Lessons

The theme and lessons for each term are planned in advance and aim at providing our Orthodox young people with knowledge regarding important feast days in the Church, the life of Christ, the Sacraments (Mysteries) of the Church, prayer, the Saints of the Church, the creation of the world, the Liturgy and items within the Church, and much, much more.

The lesson is held immediately after Holy Communion in the house a few metres away on the Church grounds. The children and parents meet the teacher at the entrance of the Church after Holy Communion following which the teacher will escort the children to the classroom. Parents, babies and older siblings often attend as well and are obviously more than welcome. All stationery and craft items are supplied by the Church community.

The Children

The children always walk away from Sunday School with smiles on their faces, and they look forward to attending Church every Sunday. Sunday School and the little Church at home help provide a foundation for your child’s spiritual life, their knowledge of self and of truth, and their love for God. We hope to see you there!

“Let everything take second place to our care of our children, our bringing them up to the discipline and instruction of the Lord. If from the beginning we teach them to love true wisdom, they will have great wealth and glory than riches can provide. If a child learns a trade, or is highly educated for a lucrative profession, all this is nothing compared to the art of detachment from riches; if you want to make your child rich, teach him this. He is truly rich who does not desire great possessions, or surround himself with wealth, but who requires nothing…Don’t think that only monks need to learn the Bible; Children about to go out into the world stand in greater need of Scriptural knowledge.”

(St. John Chrysostom)

Opening Hours

Sundays: At the conclusion of Holy Communion, until the end of the service
(Following the WA School Term calendar)

Contact us
57 Carr St
(Adjacent to the Church, in the undercover area)
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