Greek Language and Culture Institute (GLCI) of Evangelismos


“When your children are still small, you have to help them understand what is good. That is the deepest meaning of life.”

(St. Paisios)

Welcome from the Principal

Dear parents, students and friends,

We welcome you to the Greek Language and Culture Institute of Evangelismos (GLCI), a school that operates under the auspices and support of the Greek Orthodox Community of WA (Evangelismos). This year (2024) is the third year of operation for the school, and we would like to thank the Greek community in Perth and, specifically, all the parents of our students for the wonderful support that they offered to the school from the first day of its inception.

Our school continues a long and proud tradition at the Evangelismos community; one of teaching the Greek language and culture for over 50 years, with former students bringing their own children to attend.

The purpose of the school is the teaching of the Greek language and culture, with the use of innovative and current teaching/learning approaches, strategies, and technologies, to all Hellenes and philhellenes/non-Greek background students in Perth who are interested in retaining or finding their Greek identity.

We intend to instil in our students the values of our culture through the understanding and use of the language.

Additionally to the classroom teaching, activities such as excursions, visits to museums and universities, cultural performances, collaborations with schools from Greece, participation in various language contests and cooking lessons will be provided annually.

Older students are strongly encouraged to take part in the annual Centre for the Greek Language (CGL) examinations at the various levels on offer for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek, the only officially recognised certificate by the Greek Ministry of Education that confirms the knowledge of Greek as a second language.

The GLCI aspires to realise the vision for a model school, worthy of your expectations and our children’s needs for learning the Greek language. The GLCI is staffed with very experienced Greek teachers and management experts who are active in the field of education with international success and, above all, are characterised by their passion for our Greek language and culture.

Our motto is “Your children are our children” and we intend to teach them in an environment where they will all feel at home.

We cater to students of all ages between 4 and 18 years old and we offer lessons for adults as well.

Please forward enquiries to:

Pol Koutsakis
Principal of the Greek Language and Culture Institute of Evangelismos (GLCI)

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School Board

Georgios Tsitiridis
Chair - Independent Expert
Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis
Vice Chair - Sector Expert
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Pol Koutsakis
Principal - Ex Officio Member
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John Karakatsanakis
GOCWA Representative - Ex Officio Member
Felicia Ciombras
P&F Representative

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North Perth Primary School
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