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The Orthodox Youth Divine Liturgy Handbook

by Rev. Fr. Aristidis Garinis

The Orthodox Youth Divine Liturgy Handbook is for youth ages 8-12. It is filled with helpful illustrations and brief descriptions that keep them engaged and interested in the Liturgy. This handbook approaches the Liturgy like a journey. At each meaningful moment, the illustrated Priest which is (the book’s personal guide,) tells the reader where they are heading. After the Divine Liturgy, the guide continues to teach, answering commonly asked questions by children about church and the Liturgy. In addition, a pictorial index is provided, describing things we see in church.

This book is excellent for kids and parents, youth, and Sunday School workers. The explanations provided are easy to understand for any age and provide great information for those tasked to explain what is happening in the church to our youth.

Sample Question:
Q: “Why do we see the Priest’s back for most of the Liturgy?”
A: “The priest is not meant to be the centre of attention. He conducts most of the liturgy facing the east, which is the same direction we face when in church. We all face east, worshipping God together in prayer as priest and people, because facing east symbolizes the Resurrection. In fact, the Church uses the imagery of the rising of the sun in the east as a symbol of Christ’s Resurrection. After all, in the Liturgy, the centre of our attention is CHRIST, not the priest. The priest serves as an instrument of God’s grace and only faces the people to bless and teach at certain times, since his main responsibility is to lead and guide the people in prayer and worship to Almighty God.”

My Orthodox Prayer Book

by Theodore Stylianopoulos

Published by the Dept. of Religious Education, Greek Archdiocese

This pocket-sized prayer book is intended for both personal and family devotions. This book of new and traditional prayers features a fresh format and contemporary language. Also offers clear direction about prayer, Bible Studies, Confession and Holy Communion. Encourages one to pray and to grow in prayer.

Recommended for ages 10+

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