• on June 20, 2024

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When the Silent Speak

by Sacred Monastery of Saint John the Forerunner, Mesa Potamos, Cyprus

Sometimes family life can present challenges. When the Silent Speak tells the compelling yet uplifting story of a tight-knit group of teenagers, each of whom is struggling with life and the people around them: Eirini battles for independence from her overprotective mother. Paraschos, also known as “Squirrel,” is wounded by the fighting of his parents. Anastasis is embarrassed by his step-brother and step-sister. And Giannis, following the death of his beloved father, has not spoken a single word for seven years.

Determined to find answers to their problems, the four friends embark on a pilgrimage to a mountaintop monastery—and commence a journey filled with miracles and wonder. Among other things, the teens encounter a mysterious deer and meet a grace-filled monk, Fr. Philaretos, who seemingly can read people’s thoughts and communicate with wild animals. Set in modern-day Greece, When the Silent Speak is an exciting tale in which the complexities of contemporary life meet the deep beauty and profound wisdom of Orthodox teaching.

A Boy’s Journey to Sainthood: Saint Nektarios the Wonderworker

by Anna Iakovou

Saint Nektarios is one of the most beloved saints in all of the Orthodox Church. In this present volume of Journey to Sainthood, readers will delight in episodes from the Saint’s extraordinary life. The book opens with the moving story of Saint Nektarios’ boyhood experience of working in a tobacco shop in Constantinople, where he endured privation with great humility and trust in the Lord. Other episodes include an amazing miracle at sea that involves the lives of many and an act of deep selflessness that concerns a family in need. From this book children will come to know blessed Saint Nektarios through stories that are uplifting and instructive as well as joyful and wise.

We Believe Board Book

Illustrated by Marian Adams

This book is a visual exploration of the Nicene Creed. OHopefully We Believe will more firmly cement in hearts (both young and old!) both the words and theology of the Nicene Creed. Each watercolor illustration is based on iconography, and visually depicts the meaning behind each section of the Creed. It’s perfect for little ones to better grasp the meaning behind the words we recite so often!

22 pages, printed in the US.

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