• on January 11, 2017

I AM – For You – You are from ME


-For You-

-You are from ME-

I Am immortal but chose to die on the Cross for you
I Am the giver of all Life
Death is the permanent separation of you from Me
I came to save you from sin and its consequence, death and its abyss
Though I Am Life, My own creation sought to cut me off from the land of living The Divine plan however was for Me to descend into Hades to preach the good news of the Gospel to all those who were held captive there before My coming into the world

I was Resurrected for you, to give you new life
I had no need to be Resurrected
My Resurrection was new life for you to take away your mortality from you
I was Resurrected for you so that you might share in My immortality
I Ascended into heaven for you so that for those of you that hear My word you would be with Me from ages to ages unto eternity
I had no need to Ascend into heaven as I never left the heavenly realm from which I came from even when I was with you in the world
I did this for you so that you could ascend into the heavenly realm with Me

From the beginning I infused you with My Light but you set out thinking you could make a life on your own without Me
You chose that which opposes My Light and fell into darkness
I was Transfigured before you, flooding you again with my Divine and Uncreated Light
I did this so that you would know who I Am
Everything I did was for you
I Am Love and only by love can you return to me

I Am in the Father and He is in Me
I came so that you could be in Me and I could be in You
I left you and sent you the Helper, the Holy Spirit
He gave you the Spiritual power to establish My Church and to heal your souls
I Am the Head of the Church and you are members of My Body
I gave you My life to establish the Church so that you might be healed and live eternally with Me

All of you that believe in Me whether you are here now or have passed on from this world are alive in Me
If you secure your life through Me you will save it
If you secure your life for this world you will lose it
I entered the world that I created so that you could share in the world from which I came, to become citizens of heaven
I will lift you up so that together we will sit at the right hand of My Father who is in heaven

I showed you how you should pray but I have no need of your prayers
My dwelling place is in you, you are My temple
Your prayers to Me become a communion of us
A living relationship between Creator and creation
My life is in you and you are in Me, a union of man and God
A union of all that is heavenly and of all the goodness that is earthly

You should know that the world does not want to know Me, so it will not want to know you also who follow Me
I came into the world to prepare you and not to be the cause of some spectacle or to make a mark in history
My Kingdom is not of this world
I came so that you could share in all that I have prepared for you
I Am Who is Love; I have always loved you
I knew of each and every one of you before the foundation of the world

I was baptized for you though I did not need to be baptized
I gave you baptism to purify you so that you might know Me and be united to Me
I gave you baptism to release you from the bondage of sin
Without it you were like the grass that grows and then withers in the field whose memory then vanishes forever
I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth by My Father in heaven
I want to share all that I have with you

In all languages of the world there is a word that describes what does not exist in the world – it is the word ‘perfect’
How do you know in your hearts what is perfect?
For it is not in your experience to know it, you are strangers of it
For you and everything in the world has been corrupted
How is it that your hearts everywhere conceived of this word for which you yearn for?
It is because you all proceeded from Me and belong to Me
You have been made in My own image
Your heart naturally longs for perfection in Me and to see Me
Whether you believe in Me or whether you deny Me
You cannot be fulfilled without Me, your origin is in Me and of Me
You cannot live without Me

I Am the One who is merciful and perfects you
Only I who Am your God can perfect you and all things that come and go from you
You have come from Me so it is blessed that you should return to Me
I Am your God, come to Me so that you may share in what is perfect
I Am before all things and in all things
I Am without beginning and without end
I will come and dwell in your heart if you will allow Me and open the door to Me

I Am All Holy come to Me so that you too can be holy
I Am your God there is no other, do not put anything else before Me
I say this for your sake and not for Mine
I have no need of you but I Love you and want you to live in Me

I Am your God I have no reason to shed any tears
But I have shed tears for you because of where you have found yourselves in the world
This was not my original plan for you
You did not hear me but now I have come to deliver you away from the darkness that has befallen you
You blame Me for your misfortunes
But I warned you not to let the deceiver into your hearts from which all worldly knowledge and confusion of your minds comes from and that you continue to pursue
You did not hear Me. Hear Me now. My Word has great Power and will deliver you and save you

I made you in My own image
I Am the Truth. Cease to persist with the lie
I offered you Mystical Marriage that you might uphold it
You chose to look for everything to defile it
I created you as I did all things
I placed you at the centre of My creation
I put you before Me, do the same for Me
This is not because I seek for you to honor Me, I have no need of this
Do the things I ask of you and enter by the narrow gate which is difficult and treacherous but which leads to your salvation
I have prepared a special place for you before the beginning of the world
I knew of you before you knew of Me
It is I who chose you, you did not choose Me

I Am the Almighty but I respond to what is lowly
I humble those who exalt themselves
I exalt those who humble themselves as I Myself endured everything for you

You are My creation, the loss of any one of you deeply grieves Me
I have not come to condemn you, but to forgive you
Have you come to the understanding that you can live without Me?
Do you think you can find true love without Me?
Where do you think you go if I Am not there to walk with you?

It is written that I Am a jealous God
I Am jealous should anyone come to deceive you and take you away from Me
Without Me you will surely die
The world is full of people who will deceive you
They are the ones who love themselves and become ensnared in their own fantasies and delusions and stories of their own success
They establish themselves full of their own importance
As useless gods before the people
Utilizing the gifts that I have given them for their own glory
They are the image makers drawing attention to themselves
Their works will one day completely vanish, they will find no reward for their efforts
Theirs is the work of the devil
Do not be deceived for the devil lurks about finding his way into everything and everyone, like a Lion that roars devouring whom ever he can that chooses to deny who I Am

I gave you a free will so that you may choose whatever is good with love and with all your heart
Only in this way can you find Me
If you choose what is good with love and with all your heart and do all things in this way, My Grace will abound in you

I will perfect you and fulfill you in everything even in the very small things that do not seem to be important to the world because you did this out of love for Me
Do not forget also in your love for Me the love for My whole Body the Church
For My All Holy Mother the Virgin Mary and of all the Saints asking them to assist you with your every daily need
Your requests are loudly heard by Me through My Holy Mother and all the Saints
My Church is the foundation of heaven here on earth
I established My Church for you, never leave Her, She is your Salvation
You are My faithful children, together to prevail to the end of time

Again let Me remind you, choose only what is good with love and all your heart for Me
Do not choose to serve your own interests and to justify yourselves
For the great things that you think you have achieved will count for nothing – for these you will not receive any reward
Everything you have accomplished is because of Me
Without Me you can do nothing
Those things which you believe you have accomplished with out Me will be without any reward
This is because you would have already received your reward in this life

If you had truly loved Me you would have denied yourself and taken up your cross and followed Me
I came to Bless you, you are My precious inheritance
I came to save you, you are My people
Come to Me all you who are heavily laden and I will give you rest

Fr Emmanuel Stamatiou

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