• on December 18, 2016

In God Only

We look as we watch as all things go by
We stare as we gaze into the empty space outside
We see what is around us, behind our backs, and on the other side
But it is in God only we can trust

We hear and are tuned to the sound waves over our heads
We sing and hum to the song that has no words or tune
We make music to the world’s noise as it races us by
But it is in God only we keep our silence and find real peace

We are constantly distracted and drawn to whatever we can touch
Those things will not for long be with us
We wake up from our sleep and make ready for the day
We make haste to capture the moment and make good whatever comes our way
But it is in God only we learn to focus and begin to pray

We quickly forget what we have done and leave behind
We lock the door to what we cannot understand with our mind
We reach out and take possession of the things we think are ours
But it is in the knowledge of our weakness and in God only we receive His strength

We jump while we stand on our own firm ground
We run while we walk into the shadow of our dreams
We dance and make merry while we grow old and frail
But it is in God only we learn what it is to be free

We love while we hate but still think we are good
We think ourselves generous while we give what is not ours
We take from others thinking it is ours to keep
We attach existence to lifeless and inanimate things
But it is in God only that our heart finds its beat

We kill and mutilate while pursuing the good life
We inflict pain and suffering while we value our peace
We learn to cheat taking comfort from our lies
We seek kindness while we share out the blame
But it is in God only we find justice in the world

We wear a face that reflects our changing moods
We put on the mask that people love to approve
We play out our lives as if we have something to say
We mark out time thinking our efforts are profound
We practice compassion when we really don’t care
But it is in God only that dignity can be found

We seek out Heaven while we are somewhere else
We search out God when we cannot see our own selves
We call on the Saints and Angels to lend us a helping hand
But it is in God only and their example we learn to find our true selves

We judge and accuse others when we forget who we are
We forget God so the memory of us will also fade
We forget God so we are left without purpose in life
We forget God so we become confused and fall into strife
We forget God so our efforts are hollow and in vain
We forget God so through our ignorance we cannot see our own shame

So let us follow the Star that leads to Bethlehem where Christ was born
Where the heavenly comes to unite with the earthly in Him as Man and God
Where precious gifts are offered by the Magi to Christ the King
Who in turn offers His own heavenly gifts for the love of His Creation and all beautiful things
To deliver us all from the tyranny and the curse from of old
And declare the coming of the Heavenly Kingdom as we have been told
To open our hearts and receive Him and His Heavenly radiant Light
And find a place to be born again in us wherever He can find a humble heart
Let us therefore sing praises and give thanks to Him
And fervently follow Him all the days of our life

Fr Emmanuel Stamatiou

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