• on April 8, 2024

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Saints Among Us

by Myrsine Vingopoulos

Young people have troubles too! In modern-day Greece, a close group of friends struggle to find direction in their lives and answers to their different problems: Mark feels neglected by his divorced parents. Aris would rather ride his skateboard than study his school books. Ellie is obsessed with success. Little Anthony, the comical younger brother, is obsessed with food. And Alex, born into a wealthy family, prefers to go on holiday instead of finding a job.

For this endearing group of teens, assistance comes from an unlikely source. While on a trip to the beautiful Greek countryside, they meet the enigmatic “Crazy Yannis”—is Yannis a sinister figure, or is he maybe a saint? As this question is worked out, the friends come to learn the history and lives of two genuine Orthodox saints: Saint Arsenios the Cappadocian and Saint Paisios the Athonite. Filled with adventure and exciting twists, Saints Among Us is a story about faith, discovery, and the tight bonds of friendship!

Delightful Grace: Volume 1

by Anna Iakovou

Does God have a sense of humor? As readers of Delightful Grace will plainly see, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” In the eleven short tales collected in this volume, children and adults alike will smile and laugh as they enjoy amusing stories about saints, miracles, and answered prayers. With exciting twists and turns, the stories pose intriguing questions: What happens to the struggling little boy who beseeches Saint George for help—and offers him an omelet? How will Archangel Michael respond when a mischievous young sailor steals a beloved goose? Will a noisy group of frogs listen to Saint Athanasios and stop their loud croaking? Will the Panagia intercede for a devout servant and send a cup of rice pilaf to a distant land? Filled with charming illustrations and wholesome, lighthearted tales, Delightful Grace makes clear what Orthodox saints have always known—there is much laughter in Heaven!

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