• on August 29, 2019

Prayer – “Fill Me With You”

Dear God, I accept all the judgements, all the opposition, all the rejection, all the abuse that I have encountered in my life at the hands of others, for these people I pray and ask for Your loving kindness and forgiveness for them. I also accept the blame for all my wrongdoings that I have served on others and all the obstacles, all the discomfort and all the conflicts and failings I have brought upon myself that I must justifiably now endure. I take all of these to be both my blessings and chastisement of me by You which I justly deserve, for the betterment and the perfection of my person in You. So that You might lead me down the narrow and treacherous path which I am unable to negotiate without You. With certainty I am always led astray and always am forever lost without You. The more I come to see You and understand Your ways, the more I see myself and my total emptiness which frightens me and leaves me in a state of dismay.
Thank you for holding my hand, for keeping my heart, for never letting me go, for keeping me from losing my mind that I should not be lost forever. Thank You for Your great and immeasurable love for me. For the forgiveness you continually show and grant to me, for my many transgressions which engulf me and seek to drown me out and extinguish my soul down into the abyss. I am tired and exhausted; in me I see nothing good. Thank You for Your endless patience of me, thank you for the character you continue to form in me, that I may continue to live in hope of my salvation in You for your Great Glory.
I am not worthy to be considered your servant. Have mercy and pity on my wretched soul. Without You I am nothing and without purpose. Without You everything loses its meaning. Deliver me from all things vain. Fill me with Your Life and Your Grace. Teach me Your patience. Teach me Your Commandments. Show me how to love You. Shine Your light on me that I might negotiate what I do not see which lies before me. Send your Angels to guide me and to protect me. Lead me along your righteous path until my last breath. Save my soul O Lord.

Fr Emmanuel Stamatiou

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