• on July 22, 2019

CGL Celebrates Continued Success!

In its 15th year, the Centre for the Greek Language (CGL) in WA can celebrate another year of successful candidature! This year, all 9 candidates who sat for the CGL Examinations in May were successful, with over 50% having achieved a grade of ‘Excellent’, and the balance having achieved the next highest grade of ‘Very Good’.

The levels achieved by the candidates were as follows:

A1 (8-12 year old)

A1 (Adolescents & Adults)

SMYRNIOTIS Konstantinos

CHRISTOU Theodoros

CHRISTOU Evangelia


The examinations were held at St. Andrew’s Grammar over two days: Tuesday 21 May for Levels A1 (8-12 year old), A1 (Adolescents & Adults), A2, and B1; and Wednesday 22 May for Levels B2 and C1. Pictured are the candidates from 21 May.

As is the case every year, a great deal of work goes into the promotion and organisation of these annual examinations, starting in February each year and continuing through to the registration deadline in late March. Much time and effort is also invested in the proper execution of the examinations during the designated days in May. I take this opportunity to thank my fellow CGL Committee member, Mrs Katerina Reklitis, who assisted me again this year throughout the entire two days, and who also co-marked the Oral Examinations with me. Thanks are also extended to Mrs Katina Maounis and Ms Eleni Dwyer-Kotsileou, who invigilated the first part of the examinations on Tuesday 21 May. Special thanks are extended to Ms Nicky Chamberlain, who capably reorganises the timetable each year to accommodate the CGL Examinations in the Harmanis Building. Finally, thanks are extended to all the staff and students of St. Andrew’s Grammar who are affected by these changes but who go about their business regardless and with grace!

The 2020 dates for the CGL Examinations are listed below:

Level A1 (for children 8-12) – Tuesday 19 May 2020

Level A1 (for adolescents and adults) – Tuesday 19 May 2020

Level A2 – Tuesday 19 May 2020

Level B1 – Tuesday 19 May 2020

Level B2 – Wednesday 20 May 2020

Level C1 – Wednesday 20 May 2020

Level C2 – Thursday 21 May 2020

On a personal note, I am proud of my foundational role in the CGL (the first year of the CGL Examinations in WA was 2005), and honoured to have served our community in this volunteer capacity for the past 15 years. I offer my heartfelt congratulations to this year’s candidates and look forward to further success from our Centre!

Dr Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis
Director of the CGL at St. Andrew’s Grammar (61002)
21 July 2019

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