• on September 27, 2020

Latest Arrivals to Our Bookstore

At the Evangelismos bookstore, we are ever seeking to grow our range for the benefit of all.
Here are some of the latest books to land in our bookstore – come and check us out.


Walking with Moses: Forty Lessons from the Life of the Lawgiver

By Lawrence R. Farley

“Every journey requires a guide. What better guide on our own spiritual journey can we find than Moses? Walking with Moses provides a unique vantage of the great Old Testament prophet, leader, and visionary as he struggles to lead the Hebrew nation from slavery in Egypt to the land God had promised to them. Divided into forty days, Walking with Moses is perfect for study groups or personal devotion. After exploring individual events and their meaning, each day provides applicable, easy to understand “lessons from the life of the Lawgiver.” Father Lawrence achieves a brilliant combination of scriptural commentary and practical, real-world advice for the Christian pilgrim.”


Orthodox Spiritual Life According to Saint Silouan the Athonite

By Harry Boosalis

“Harry Boosalis compiles a systemtatic study of the teachings of St Silouan the Athonite (1866-1938) and reveals the relevance of Silouan’s spritual instruction for contemporary Christians. Drawing parallels with patristic teachings and highlighting patristic sources, Boosalis demonstrates Silouan’s traditional roots while revealing several novel insights of the saint. Special attention is devoted to the acquisition of the grace of the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare, the significance of suffering, humility, love for all mankind and prayer for the salvation of the whole of creation.”


Eternal Mysteries Beyond the Grave

Compiled by Archimandrite Panteleimon

“Death is perhaps one of the least discussed and frequently concealed realities of life in contemporary Western societies. Nonetheless, it remains the one event we all expect to encounter, even if we perceive it only dimly as something in our distant future.

Archimandrite Panteleimon, was a Russian who came to the United States in 1913 and in 1930 founded the Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, New York. It was to become the spiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia during the long years of Communist control of his homeland. He compiled this books from a wide variety of Russian and other sources out of the conviction that:

The science of sciences, the education of human beings so that they may become worthy representatives of the human race, cannot be correct and sensible if it is not founded on a broad and true knowledge of man’s spiritual life.

He shows how this true knowledge is founded upon the understanding of the One God as a Trinity of three Persons and that inextricably linked to this is belief is the immortality of the human soul. Thus he concludes that: An expectation of a future life, together with faith in God, forms the foundation of a well ordered life on earth, not to speak of a future life.

He goes on to offer many examples of the awareness of the life beyond death and in so doing offers the clear hope of a growth in life “beyond the grave” of this temporal existence.”

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