• on August 27, 2021

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The Sayings of the Desert Fathers

By various authors

“A precious collection of the wisdom of the saints in memorable sayings saturated in grace.

The Desert Fathers lived in silence, fasting, and prayer, and found hesychia—the deep inner stillness that leads the soul to spiritual peace and perfect union with God. Concentrating their entire being within, they made their heart heaven and lived paradise on earth, the Lord dwelling with them. They left us their sayings as guides so that we could follow their footprints to the priceless peace found only in God.”

On the Holy Spirit: The superlative treatise on the Divinity of the Third Person of the Trinity

By Saint Basil the Great

“‘Whenever I read Basil’s work on the Spirit, I find the God Whom I possess, and grow bold in speaking the truth, thanks to the support of his theology and spiritual vision. I proceed from one depth to another, calling upon deep after deep, and finding light after light, until I attain the highest pinnacle!’ —Saint Gregory the Theologian”

Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith

By Saint John of Damascus

“The Ultimate Tome Explaining our Christian Faith.

Grace-imbued answers to every question concerning Orthodoxy; a superb daily reader overflowing with spiritual inspiration.

Without adding anything more to the dogmas and to the doctrines expressed by earlier Fathers, the Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith sets out the essentials of the Christian Faith with such wonderful conciseness and clarity of expression, that the whole work can be regarded as the seal and crowning glory of the great Patristic era. An outstanding landmark in Christian tradition, for Orthodox Christians it is the most reliable source on everything concerning the dogmas of the Faith—the royal road of sound doctrine which leads to heaven. Treasured since antiquity as the criterion for Orthodox works, it remains as indispensable reading for every Christian today.”

Homilies on the Epistle of the Apostle Paul to Philemon

By Saint John Chrysostom

“The Apostle’s Epistles expounded by the Goldenmouth who was initiated into their inner meanings by Saint Paul in a mystery.

When Saint John Chrysostom labored throughout the night vigil in prayer while composing his incomparable Homilies on the Epistles of the Apostle Paul, his disciple Saint Proclus beheld Paul bent over and whispering into Saint John’s ear as he wrote. The Apostle’s mystical inspiration coupled to Saint Chrysostom’s grace-filled brilliance as a preacher produced the greatest commentaries on Saint Paul’s Epistles ever written.”

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