• on May 31, 2021

WAMGLTA Speak Greek in June Competition, 2021

Open to all school-aged children (Pre-primary to Year 12) who are formally studying the Greek language


Students are invited to prepare a video of a maximum 3 minutes’ duration, speaking in Greek on any aspect of the topic: ‘THE 200TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE GREEK WAR OF INDEPENDENCE’

Suggestions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Role play
  • Reporting of the event
  • Interviewing Greek War Heroes of the Revolution
  • Original poem/song
  • Memoir
  • A talk on the importance of revolutions


Students may work alone, in pairs, or in groups (no more than 4 persons to a group).

The categories for judging are as follows:

  1. Background Speakers: Solo, Pair, Group
  2. Non-background Speakers: Solo, Pair, Group
  3. Mixed Background and Non-background Speakers: Pair, Group

*Teachers must specify the category of each participant on the Entry Form.

*Students working in pairs or groups in any of the above categories must ensure that the speaking roles are evenly distributed among all participants for fair and equitable judging.

Primary school participants will be judged separately to secondary school participants to allow for differences in presentation, and to give more students the opportunity to win prizes in their respective category. Up to $50 in cash can be won in this special commemorative year of the 200th Anniversary of The Greek War of Independence!


Definition of a ‘Background Speaker’:
For the purpose of the WAMGLTA Speak Greek in June Competition, WAMGLTA’s definition of a ‘Background Speaker’ is a student who is exposed to spoken Greek on a regular basis outside of their school environment wherein they learn Greek formally; for example, Greek spoken at home by one or both parents/grandparents/relatives. “On a regular basis” implies using the Greek language to communicate, even if at a basic level, on a daily/weekly basis outside of the school environment.

Definition of a ‘Non-background Speaker’:
A ‘Non-background Speaker’ is a student who is not exposed to spoken Greek on a regular basis outside of the school environment wherein they learn Greek formally.


The criteria for judging the winner/s of each of the 8 categories above are:

  1. Fluency in speaking Greek.
    Students must not read scripted text in this competition. Students can use palm cards or other prompts, or learn their lines off by heart, although a natural approach is preferred.
  2. Clear communication of meaning.
  3. Audience engagement (i.e., making eye contact with the audience/looking into the camera; using a few props/costume items to add appeal to the presentation, if relevant; using hand gestures/body language to add emphasis; varying voice pitch, etc.).

*Errors made in the course of speaking Greek are to be expected and should not prevent candidates from participating in this competition, which is intended to promote the speaking of Greek as a natural and enjoyable practice.


The competition will open on Tuesday 1 June and close on Saturday 3 July, 2021.
Videos and the completed, signed and dated Entry Forms (download here) can be sent to the following email address: WAMGLTA.Inc@gmail.com

Alternatively, teachers can provide the WAMGLTA Committee with a USB containing all of the videos of their school’s participants, along with hard copies of the completed, signed and dated Entry Forms.

Videos will be accepted at any time throughout the month of June and up to the end date of the competition; namely, 3 July.

Judging will take place by 31 July, 2021. Members of the WAMGLTA Executive Committee will judge the entries. The judges’ decision will be final.

All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. The winners of each category will receive a small prize and public recognition through various local Greek media channels.

WAMGLTA is looking forward to some exciting entries in this year’s SGJ Competition!

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